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Generate an audit report for your website and unveil any security, technical SEO, performance, user experience (UX), code quality or accessibility issues.

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Why TotalWebTool?

Your website might appear flawless at first glance, but hidden issues can pose challenges for user experience and efficient search engine crawling and indexing. You don't need to hire a specialist or navigate through various tools to unearth these issues.

TotalWebTool is your your one-stop solution for comprehensive website analysis. Within minutes, TotalWebTool will scan, analyze, and deliver a detailed report. It dives deep beneath the surface to reveal issues in SEO, performance, security, code quality, user experience (UX), and accessibility. It does everything from evaluating Core Web Vitals and TLS strength to automated pentesting.

Ensure your website is modern, secure, and user-centric with TotalWebTool.

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Quick and Easy 3-Step Process


Provide URL

Enter the URL to the webpage you would like to scan.



Our fully-automated system will scan and analyze your website by performing a long list of checks for potential issues.



Review the provided report to see if any issues were found and how they should be addressed.

Support for All Problem Areas


Ensure that there are no issue with search engine crawlers/bots reading and indexing your website's content.

User Experience

From desktop to mobile there are a lot of devices and screen resolutions for visitors to interact with your website. TotalWebTool will detect any areas that are lacking or hurting the overall UX.


A slow website will quickly frustrate and turn away users. Keep things snappy and sleep well knowing that there are no bottlenecks present.


Security issues can compromise your user's data and hurt your website's credibility. Stay ahead of the game and reduce your risk with a scan.

Code Errors

Avoid missing out on leads, prevent hurting your conversion rate due to coding errors that might cause issues that only crop up when users take action.


Ensure that all visitors can consume your content properly without any stumbling blocks getting in their way.

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