Optimize All Aspects of your Website

TotalWebTool's main goal is to provide a convenient all-in-one solution to ensure website owners and developers are getting the very best out of their website.

Getting the most out of your website for six core areas means you get the most out of search engine traffic, usability and user visits, which translates into more engagement, leads, conversions, sales.

Secure Websites

Avoid security pitfalls and maintain a secure online presence to keep users' data safe and give them more confidence. More confidence and trust in your offering equates to more engagement and business.

Improved User Experiences

Snappy, easy-to-use websites that work well across different device types and sizes makes for a pleasurable browsing experience for visitors making them stay longer and more likely to return.

Search Engine Boost

Revealing any search engine optimization (SEO) issues means your website can be crawled and indexed as efficiently as possible. Having the right presentation in search results will improve click-through rates for your search audience.

Avoid Code Issues

Avoiding code errors is a great way to ensure that users aren't running into broken features. When present these errors can lead to frustration and abandonment. Getting visibility and addressing these issues translates into better UX, SEO and accessibility.


Over 150 checks to cover all areas

Having a comprehensive list of audit checks all being run automatically means that you can identify issues faster, cheaper and more reliably as opposed to doing a manual audit. We're always adding more audits to our arsenal so it only gets better.

Automatic re-scans

Don't get caught off-gaurd with issues that might crop up due to the ever-changing nature of modern websites and apps. It's also possible that issues can originate from 3rd-party libraries and plugins. Performing automatic re-scans ensures you don't miss out on anything while focusing on other aspects of your business.

Core Web Vitals

TotalWebTool leverages Core Web Vitals, a crucial set of metrics defined by Google, to ensure optimal user experience on your website. These metrics assess elements like loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability of your pages - factors that directly impact a user's browsing experience. TotalWebTool will keep any degradation in these vitals on your radar.

Full website crawling

Scanning specific webpages that might be of interest is always a good start. But what's even better is you can have the TotalWebTool crawler find all of the pages across your entire website then scan and produce a comprehensive report.

Server-side and client-side analysis

Utilizing a two-pronged approach TotalWebTool analyzes both the initial server-response as well as everything that takes during and after the page loads in web browsers in order to capture the full range of what actual web visitors are likely to experience.

Automated Penetration Testing

TotalWebTool's automated pentests seeks to identify and address the low-hanging fruit — common vulnerabilities that can be detected and remedied quickly. By tackling these issues early on, you can substantially improve your website's security posture before conducting a more comprehensive, human-administered test.

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