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Revolutionize Your Website Analysis: Spell-Checking, Wordpress Plugin and More

Aug 17, 2023

At TotalWebTool, innovation never stops. Our latest roll-out is packed with features designed to supercharge your website's performance and user experience. From a game-changing WordPress plugin to advanced spell checking, we're setting new benchmarks in website analysis. Dive deep into these updates and discover how to maximize their benefits for your website. Your feedback fuels our growth, and we're excited to share our latest breakthroughs with you!

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No More Universal Analytics, Migrate to Google Analytics 4

May 24, 2023

As you might have seen from the email notifications sent by Google over the past couple months, Universal Analytics (UA) is going away on July 1st for most users. Customers with 360 Universal Analytics have an additional year to migrate. All-in-all it's not the end of the world, upgrading to its replacement Google Analytics v4 (GA4) is well supported ...

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